There is a common opinion that women love by hearing. That’s true but we are also interested in how the man looks like. And don’t think that if you come to the first date in shabby jeans and old sweater you will impress us. No way. You can at the computer in any clothes you want when nobody sees you. And at the first date you must look good. So what should you wear? Let’s see.  

  1. The clothes must be clean. If it smells sweat, petrol or cigarettes, it won’t be pleasant. 
  2. You must look according to the event. No need to wear club clothes going to cinema and vice versa. 
  3. Dress for the weather. Light trousers in a rainy day will get dirty and you will look messy. 
  4. If it’s warm outside, take a zipper with you, you may go for a walk longer than you plan and it can become cold in the evening. 
  5. No need to dress provocatively, leather trousers and jacket won’t be appropriate. Of course if you are rock fans and go to rock show, it is ok. 
  6. Clothes must be neat. Dented shirt and socks of different colors won’t make elegant. 
  7. Shoes must be clean. If the weather is bad take a shoe polisher and don’t forget to use it. 
  8. Put on a watch. If you want to know what time it is, it won’t look cool of you take out your phone out of your pocket all the time. And you can look at the watch any moment you want and it won’t be obvious. 
  9. You don’t need a tie, because it’s not a business meeting, but a date. 
  10. Don’t overuse perfume. It can’t beat smell of tobacco and alcohol. But don’t forget about deodorant. 
  11. Be yourself and don’t try to look like a person who you are not.