Sometimes we need just sex dating and sometimes we need a soulmate. It’s easy to make friends when you are at school or institute. But the older you get the harder is to find new friends. Don’t get upset, we have some recommendations that can help!

Dating application 

We suggest you using applications where people find each other according to their hobbies. There are apps which let you find people that live close to you. You can find partners for fitness, visiting theatres and other activities. If you want to find a company to play volleyball or board games together, it’s also possible to do with such apps. 


Volunteering is not only a chance to make the world better but also a good possibility to find new friends. There are a great amount of different organisations and volunteer movements. Furthermore volunteering becomes more popular every year. And you can easily find what you like: visiting orphanages or working at large international forums and sport events. 

There are different web-sites that help to find a place where you can work as a volunteer. According to events, organisations or vacancies you will easily find a job. Also you can go to a special school where they will teach you how to be a volunteer and tell you all necessary information. 

Even if you live far from large cities, you can find volunteering movement everywhere. Try to find it near you. Because it’s so great to help others and find new people that can become your new and good friends. 

Social clubs

Are you interested in discussing art-house cinema or the latest work of a famous director? Try to find a free film show where people can watch a movie and then discuss it with each other and with a curator. As a rule such events take place at the centers of contemporary art or art-schools. 

And if you like to practice foreign languages in informal setting join a conversation club. There are educational and entertaining ones. Moreover sometimes you can talk to native speakers there. Again it’s useful and you can meet new people with the same interests. 

And if you like to spend your time actively join a dancing group. Together you’ll become a family and dive into a world of parties, festivals and master-classes. Pay attention at schools of jazz dance. latina and hustle. Even if you don’t plan to fill your life with parties you will always know where to spend Saturday nights. 

Friends of friends

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries of communication! Look at people at house parties, your friends’ weddings, birthday parties. Just smile and exchange a couple of phrases and the conversation begins. You don’t lose anything! And besides if you have common friends it is possible that you have common interests.