It’s not a secret that the number of women is much bigger than the number of men in the world. And there two times more women than men on dating sites. So what women are registered at dating sites, let’s look through the categories of them:

1. Teens


Girls who 16 years old (although they write that they are 18). They just like to communicate with guys and they expect nothing more. They can find their happiness in real life. And dating sites are just a good way to spend time before sleep. 

2. Curious

These are teens, girls and women who are registered just because they are interested. They won’t continue communication in real life because they have boyfriends, husbands, children. 

3. Family women

Some women who are not satisfied start looking for attention somewhere else. You won’t build serious relations with them, but you practice flirt with them. 

4. Concubines

Beautiful, self-confident girls looking for men who can provide them with money. They don’t care if he is married or not. He must be wealthy. 

5. Lonely ones

They can be divided into two groups, the first one is young girls who never were married and can’t find their happiness. And girls who are divorced and have children. These are experienced women. The most women at dating sites belong to this category. 

Of course you can’t define to which type belong the woman with you want to communicate. Just start talking to her and you will understand.