You boyfriend tells that he has only one hot spot and everything else is just a fiction from movies? But nature can’t be so cruel to him. Maybe you should look for more ones together? Why doesn’t he tell you about them? 

Hot spots

  1. He looks for the easiest way. Erogenous zones give a pleasant feeling of arousal, but there are more hot feelings and your boyfriends knows it for sure. When there is a quick and proven way to pleasure one doesn’t want to waste his time on arousal. You’ll have to confirm him that expectation makes pleasure stronger. 
  2. He doesn’t want to look sensitive. A real man doesn’t tremble because of a slight touch and doesn’t close his eyes because of pleasure when you hug him. His reactions are hidden behind muscles and complexes. So if you occasionally find a right spot, he can start laughing with the question: “What are you doing there?”. Tell him that you like it and he will get relaxed. 
  3. He is shy. It’s difficult for him to talk about such things as he doesn’t have a slightest idea how you can react. What if his asking you to stroke his butt looks silly or – what is worse – funny to you? In any case it’s better to look for his hot spots by yourself instead of asking him about them.  
  4. He doesn’t know about them. Your hot spots are defined as secondary sex characteristics and he always thought that a guy needs only to look at a girl to get aroused. You’ll have to open a whole new world of different feelings and emotions to him.  

Where should you look for them?


Slightly biting his earlobes or just kissing them. But be careful if you try to do it with another part of his ear, it can be more painful than pleasant. 


This zone is very sensitive, but reaction can be mixed. Letting someone do something with his neck is a behaviour of a victim, even if is about kissing. Maybe your boyfriend won’t like this. But it’s worth trying..  


The reaction is the same as yours, when a man is aroused his nipples become stiff and dark-coloured. The whole chest and zones around nipples are extremely sensitive. Try to stroke him with your fingertips or tongue, just make it as softly as possible. 


Sometimes to get aroused he needs only to touch your palm with his. Take his hand and study his palm and fingers it will be pleasant for him. The most nervous endings are placed in fingertips. 


Inner part of his arm from a hand to an elbow is highly sensitive and besides the guy has many associations he feels you here during sex and when he hugs you. Stroke his arm top-to-bottom but calculate your strength: if your touches will be too slight it will be ticklish. 


Fitness man posing with naked torso on dirty wal backgroundl

The whole zone along the spine from neck to tailbone. Stroke his back with your nails, but don’t scratch – touch must be tangible but not painful. 


The lower you get the stronger becomes sensitivity. Don’t hurry to get low the more he is aroused the more pleasure he will get later. 


The most famous erogenous zone and it is evident. The most sensitive part is the tip especially it’s low part but the whole zone around also deserves attention. But remember: if you start here he won’t even want to hear about other ones. 

The hottest part of body is not what you could think first. It’s all about brain. If he wants any touch of yours will be the most pleasant one.